Instructions for Authors
Submission Format
There are two types of submissions: presentations, and posters. Each submission should be (co-)authored by a master or PhD student who will present the results at the workshop. Submissions can be co-authored by PC members.
Abstracts of presentations and posters submitted to MEMICS 2017 must be typeset in LaTeX in the LNCS style. Abstracts submitted in other formats and/or exceeding the maximum length will not be accepted for publication. The maximum length is limited to 1 page. Additionally, abstracts of presentations must include a note on where the original work was presented or accepted (otherwise the presentation will automatically be rejected) and their titles must include the string "(PRESENTATION)". Titles of abstracts of posters must include the string "(POSTER)". Authors of posters will have an opportunity to advertise their work by a short presentation (cca 5 minutes long). The accepted abstracts will be published in MEMICS 2017 on-line proceedings published in EPTCS. (Abstracts can be excluded from the proceedings on the authors request.)
Abstract Processing
In order to typeset your manuscript, download the archive which contains the LNCS style class. A detailed description of the style is available in typeinst.pdf. The source of this file is available in We strongly recommend using it as a template. To create a PDF file from the LaTeX source form of the paper, use either
In the final camera ready version, turn page numbering and page headers off; they will be added by the editors.
We strongly recommend restricting to "line art" figures, e.g., graphs and schemes. Because of the printing technique, complex bitmaps like photos may lead to unpredictable results. Avoid colours, use at most several grades of grey (not too many).
Contributions are to be submitted via EasyChair:
Authors of posters are expected to have their posters printed in the A1 or A0 format.
Instructions for final version of abstracts
We decided to try to publish the abstracts in terms of EPTCS post-proceedings. Therefore, we kindly ask you to switch to the EPTCS template (
Thank you for your cooperation. We hope that we will manage the publication in EPTCS.