Sunday, October 25, 2015
Best paper candidates in bold
Room ARoom B
9:00-10:00Siegfried Benkner: Programming Support for Future Parallel Architectures
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
10:20-12:00Parallel and distributed systems (chair: Siegfried Benkner)
Vít Rusňák, Lukáš Ručka and Petr Holub: Toward natural multi-user interaction in advanced collaborative display environments

Jiri Filipovic, Matus Madzin, Jan Fousek and Ludek Matyska: Optimizing CUDA code by kernel fusion: application on BLAS

Jiri Jaros and Vojtech Nikl: Large-scale Ultrasound Simulations Using the Hybrid OpenMP/MPI Decomposition

Filip Kocina, Petr Veigend, Gabriela Nečasová and Jiří Kunovský: Parallel Computations of Differential Equations
Quantum computing (chair: Simone Severini)
Agnis Arins: Span-program-based quantum algorithms for graph bipartiteness and connectivity

Nikolay Nahimov and Alexander Rivosh: Exceptional congurations of quantum walks with Grover's coin

Jan Bouda, Marcin Pawlowski, Matej Pivoluska and Martin Plesch: Device-independent randomness extraction from an arbitrarily weak min-entropy source

Claude Kloeckl and Marcus Huber: Characterizing multipartite entanglement without shared reference frames
12:00-12:15Closing session and Best Paper Award announcement