Saturday, October 18, 2014
Room ARoom B
9:00-10:00Michael Tautschnig, Queen Mary University of London: Automating Software Analysis at Very Large Scale
10:15-11:55 Tereza Klimošová and Daniel Kráľ: Hereditary properties of permutations are strongly testable
Jakub Gajarský: Faster Existential FO Model Checking on Posets
Stephan Beyer and Markus Chimani: Steiner Tree 1.39-Approximation in Practice
Juraj Nižnan, Radek Pelánek and Jiří Řihák: Mapping Problems to Skills Combining Expert Opinion and Student Data
Milan Dvořák, Tomáš Závodník and Jan Kořenek: Hardware Accelerated Book Handling with Unlimited Depth
Radek Hrbacek: Bent Functions Synthesis on Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor
Pavel Vít, Jaroslav Borecký, Martin Kohlík and Hana Kubátova: Fault Recovery Method with High Availability for Practical Applications
Jakub Podivínský and Zdenek Kotasek: Testing Fault-Tolerance Methodologies in Electro-mechanical Applications
13:00-14:00Optional sightseeing / excursion
14:20-15:20Daniel Lokshtanov, University of Bergen, Norway: Tree Decompositions and Graph algorithms
15:40-17:20 Karel Štěpka and Martin Falk: Image Analysis of Gene Locus Positions within Chromosome Territories in Human Lymphocytes
Šimon Tóth and Dalibor Klusáček: Understanding the Importance of Interactions among Job Scheduling Policies
Šimon Tóth: A Case for a Multifaceted Fairness Model: An Overview of Fairness Methods for Job Queuing and Scheduling
David Wehner: A New Concept in Advice Complexity of Job Shop Scheduling
Pavel Jancik, Jan Kofron, Simone Fulvio Rollini and Natasha Sharygina: On Iterpolants and Variable Assignments
Jan Fiedor, Zdenek Letko, Joao Lourenco and Tomas Vojnar: On Monitoring C/C++ Transactional Memory Programs
Vladimír Štill, Petr Ročkai and Jiri Barnat: Context-Switch-Directed Verification in DIVINE
Renata Avros, Vendula Hruba, Bohuslav Krena, Zdenek Letko, Hana Pluhackova, Tomas Vojnar, Zeev Volkovich and Shmuel Ur: Boosted Decision Trees for Behaviour Mining of Concurrent Programs
17:30-18:30 Stefan Wörz, University of Heidelberg: 3D Model-Based Segmentation of 3D Biomedical Images
19:00 Conference Dinner