Instructions for Authors
Camera-ready papers
Due to short time we ask you to submit the final version to Easychair - according to the instructions below - by the following FIRM DEADLINE: *** September 15, 2014 ***
Please note; the best of the accepted MEMICS14 regular papers will appear in a special LNCS volume of Springer after MEMICS, and the authors of these LNCS-selected papers will be notified in a separate email in a few days. The remaining accepted papers will be published in a local MEMICS14 proceedings, to be distributed at the workshop.
When formatting your final camera ready version, please obey the 12 page limit in the unaltered llncs style (no appendix and no "dirty LaTeX tricks" for squeezing in more text!) and generally follow the author instructions for the llncs style of Springer which we use for all the MEMICS proceedings:
* (except the copyright part for now)

For camera ready submissions, authors are required to submit:
* A final PDF file of the paper (with no page numbering and headers switched off).
* A gziped tarball (.tgz, possibly also a .zip archive) with the complete sources that are necessary to build the PDF, i.e., LaTeX source codes, bibliographies, figures, etc. Please make sure that the source files you send are sufficient to build the resulting PDF. If you use a package that can be expected non-standard to the usual TeXlive distribution, please include it into the sources. Also Makefile for building the final pdf would be welcome, especially in the case of complex LaTeX tasks.
Submission Format
Regular papers and abstracts of presentations submitted to MEMICS 2014 must be typeset in LaTeX in the LNCS Springer style. Papers in other formats and/or exceeding the maximum length will not be accepted for publication. The maximum regular paper length is 12 pages, including the bibliography. Abstracts of presentations obey the same rules as regular papers, only their length is limited to 1 page (and they must include a note on where the original work was presented or accepted---otherwise the presentation will automatically be rejected). By submitting a paper or presentation abstract, the authors implicitly agree with the publication of the paper/presentation abstract in the MEMICS 2014 proceedings.
The prescribed limit of 12 pages can be extended by one page, especially in cases where additional explanation has been requested by the reviewers.

Paper Processing
In order to typeset your manuscript, download the archive which contains the LNCS style class. A detailed description of the style is available in typeinst.pdf. The source of this file is available in We strongly recommend using it as a template. To create a PDF file from the LaTeX source form of the paper, use either
In the final camera ready version, turn page numbering and page headers off; they will be added by the editors.
We strongly recommend restricting to "line art" figures, e.g., graphs and schemes. Because of the printing technique, complex bitmaps like photos may lead to unpredictable results. Avoid colours, use at most several grades of grey (not too many).
The contributions are to be submitted only by students using EasyChair, please follow this link: