Friday, October 26, 2012
Room ARoom B
9:00-9:10Opening Ceremony
Invited Talk, Chair: Tomáš Vojnar
9:10-10:10Dirk Beyer
CPAchecker: The Configurable Software-Verification Platform
10:10-10:40Coffee Break
Specification and Verification
Chair: Jiří Barnát
Computer System Design
Chair: Hana Kubátová
10:40-11:00Martin Chmelík and Vojtech Rehak
Controllable-choice Message Sequence Graphs
Milan Kabát and Petr Holub
Parallelized LDGM Coding for Demanding Multimedia Applications
11:00-11:20Mathias Andersen, Heine Gatten Larsen, Jiri Srba, Mathias Grund Sorensen and Jakob Haahr Taankvist"
Verification of Liveness Properties on Closed Timed-Arc Petri Nets
Štefan Balogh and Miroslav Mydlo
New possibilities of enabling direct memory access
11:20-11:40Mikael H. Moller, Kim Guldstrand Larsen and Xinxin Liu
A Characterizing Logic for Boolean Modal Transition Systems
Varadan Savulimedu Veeravalli and Andreas Steininger
LFSR Implementation Using C-Elements
11:40-12:00Cesar Rodriguez
Unfolding Construction and Verification of Petri Nets with Read Arcs
Jan Schmidt, Petr Fišer and Jiří Balcárek
Generalized Miter and its Application in Hardware Design
Invited Talk, Chair: Vashek Matyáš
13:00-14:00Dieter Gollmann
Security for Cyber-physical Systems
14:00-14:20Short Break
Software Testing
Chair: Ondřej Šerý
Computer Security
Chair: Dieter Gollman
14:20-14:40Jan Fiedor and Tomas Vojnar
Noise-based Testing and Analysis of Multi-threaded C/C++ Programs on the Binary Level
Filip Jurnečka and Vashek Matyas
A better way towards key establishment and authentication in wireless sensor networks
14:40-15:00Vendula Hruba, Bohuslav Krena, Zdenek Letko, Tomas Vojnar and Shmuel Ur
Testing of Concurrent Programs Using Genetic Algorithms
Michal Mikuš and Marek Sýs
Ciphertext-only attack on Gentry-Halevi implementation of somewhat homomorphic scheme
15:00-15:20Ludek Dolihal, Hruska Tomas and Karel Masarik
Testing system for the HW/SW codesign toolchain
Jiri Kur and Vashek Matyas
Multi-level Privacy Protection Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
15:20-15:50Coffee Break
Invited Talk, Chair: Zdeněk Kotásek
15:50-16:50Said Hamdioui
Testing Embedded Memories in the Nano-Era: from defects to Built-In-Self Test
Games and Stochastic Processes
Chair: Peter Bro Miltersen
Computer System Design and Testing
Chair: Said Hamdioui
17:10-17:30Tomas Brazdil, Antonin Kucera and Petr Novotný
Determinacy in Games with Unbounded Payoff Functions
Michaela Sikulova and Lukas Sekanina
Acceleration of Evolutionary Image Filter Design Using Coevolution in Cartesian GP
17:30-17:50Kim G. Larsen, Simon Laursen and Jiri Srba
Action Investment Energy Games
Marcela Simkova, Ondrej Lengal and Michal Kajan
HAVEN: An Open Framework for FPGA-Accelerated Functional Verification of Hardware
17:50-18:10Krishnendu Chatterjee and Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen
Strategy complexity of finite-horizon Markov decision processes and simple stochastic games
Martin Chloupek, Ondřej Novák and Jiri Jenicek
On Test Time Reduction Using Pattern Overlapping, Broadcasting and On-Chip Decompression
18:10-18:30Tomas Brazdil, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Antonin Kucera and Petr Novotný
Efficient Controller Synthesis for Consumption Games with Multiple Resource Types
Martin Straka, Jan Kastil and Zdenek Kotasek
FPGA-based Fault Tolerant Architectures and Their Dependability Analysis
18:30-18:50Jan Krcal and Jan Kretinsky
Fixed-delay Events in Generalized Semi-Markov Processes Revisited

19:30Traditional Moravian pig slaughter, wine and beer tasting