Travel Instructions
Getting to Lednice
To reach Lednice the best way is to fly to Prague, Wien, Bratislava or Brno (best option, but not many flights).
MAP: travel from Praha, Bratislava or Vienna to Brno
How to get from Brno to Lednice?
There will be a conference bus going from Brno (departing from the Faculty of Information Technology) directly to the hotel on Thursday afternoon and back on the last day of the workshop.
How to get from Prague to Lednice?
The best way to get from Prague to Lednice is the way via Brno.
It is probably easiest to use Student Agency buses, they sell direct tickets from Prague Airport to Brno center. The transport from the aiport is operated by a small yellow shuttle (in contrast to standard yellow buses), that will take you to the Prague main bus station ,,Florenc", where you change for the bus going to Brno.
Other possibility is to go to the Prague downtown and then take train or bus connection to Brno. To get downtown, you can use either the airport express bus, or you can take bus going to any subway station, e.g. ,,DejvickĂĄ ", and then continue to bus or train station. Buses to Brno leave from ,,Florenc" bus station, while trains leave from ,,Praha main station".
How to get from Wien to Lednice?
Search e.g. at
How to get from Wien to Brno?
There are Student Agency buses going directly from Vienna airport to Brno, again it is advised to book the ticket in advance from Student Agency.
Alternatively, you may go to Vienna downtown using the standard or CAT train to ,,Wien Mitte". Then you can use the Vienna S-bahn (frequently operating extremely fast local train connection, much better than subway!) to get to ,,Wien Nord/Praterstern" to continue with Student Agency bus from citycenter, or to "Wien Sudbahnhof" to take train to Brno (preferable).The trip takes approximately one and half hour. Search e.g. at
Flying via Bratislava
After you manage to get to the main train station, there are many fast trains going to Brno.
Flying to Brno
There is a small international airport in Brno, however, it might be difficult to find a suitable flight.
How to get from Brno to Lednice?
There will be a conference bus going from Brno (departing from the Faculty of Information Technology) directly to the hotel on the first day and back on the last day of the workshop.
There is also good bus and train connection taking appx. one hour, see
Location of the My Hotel in Lednice
Getting to Brno
For finding train or bus connections we recommend to use the system IDOS. It also contains mass transit system timetables of major Czech cities (including Prague and Brno). It does not contains Vienna mass transit system, however, it is able to find direct bus connections from Vienna airport to Brno.
Train tickets can be purchased right before departure (credit cards are accepted). A reasonable option is to travel with Student Agency buses (direct buses from Prague and Vienna airport). You can buy ticket in the bus (no credit cards), however, it is strongly recommended to reserve the ticket via Student Agency web page, since these buses use to be fully booked.
For international arrivals we recommend to take flight to Prague, Vienna or Bratislava (if convenient). After arriving at the airport, it usually takes 3 to 4 hours by bus or train to arrive to Brno from any of these cities.
Getting around Brno
All the trams and buses in Brno use the same tickets, you can buy them at yellow vending machines on most stops in the city. The basic ticket costs 22 Czech Crowns (~ 0.9 euro) and is good for 60 minutes (for short trips you can use ticket for 18 crowns which is good for 15 minutes).
Trams usually come every few minutes and the trip will take 10-15 minutes. See following for travel between the faculty and the hotels.
Getting to the Faculty of Information Technology
Take tram no. 1 heading to Řečkovice, get out on Semilasso stop, then follow the map.
  Božetěchova 2 - FIT VUT Bus will arrive during afternoon. Exact time is to be announced.