Annual Doctoral Workshop on Mathematical and
Engineering Methods in Computer Science
organized jointly by the Masaryk University
and the Brno University of Technology, Czechia
October 14—16, 2011    My Hotel    Lednice    Czech Republic

Saturday, October 15, 2011
Room ARoom B
Invited Talk, Chair: Ivana Černá
9:00-10:00Petr Tůma
Computer Memory: Why We Should Care What Is Under The Hood
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
Timed, Stochastic, and Hybrid Systems
Chair: Krishnendu Chatterjee
Computer System Design
Chair: Jan Schmidt
10:20-10:45Jan Krčál and Jan Křetínský
Fixed-delay Events in Generalized Semi-Markov Processes Revisited
Martin Tomec, Petr Mikušek and Václav Dvořák
A Cascade Decomposition of Application-Specific Systems
10:45-11:10Alexandre David, Daniel Ejsing-Duun, Lisa Fontani, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Vasile Popescu and Jacob Haubach Smedegrd
Optimal Infinite Runs in One-Clock Priced Timed Automata
Christos Sakellariou and Peter Bentley
Introducing the FPGA-based Hardware Architecture of Systemic Computation (HAoS)
11:10-11:35Boyan Yordanov, Jana Tumova, Calin Belta, Ivana Černá and Jiří Barnat
Formal Analysis of Piecewise Affine Systems through Formula-Guided Refinement
Alina Vasilieva
Uniformly Distributed Quantum Query Algorithms for Multifunctions
11:35-12:00Jiří Barnat, Ivana Černá and Jana Tůmová
Timed Automata Approach to Verification of Systems with Degradation
Zdeněk Vašíček and Lukáš Sekanina
Evolutionary Optimization of Complex Digital Circuits
13:15-16:00Zámek Valtice
Invited Talk, Chair: Antonín Kučera
16:00-17:00Krishnendu Chatterjee
Games and Probabilistic Systems with Mean-payoff, Energy and Parity Objectives
Software Testing and Debugging
Chair: Jan Strejček
Formal Languages 1
Chair: Galina Jirásková
17:10-17:35Pavel Jančík, Pavel Pařízek and Jan Kofroň
Advanced Debugging with JPF Inspector
Petr Horáček and Alexander Meduna
Regulated Rewriting in Natural Language Translation
17:35-18:00Zdeněk Letko, Bohuslav Křena, and Tomáš Vojnar
Noise Injection Heuristics for Concurrency Testing
Martin Čermák and Alexander Meduna
n--Accepting Restricted Pushdown Automata Systems
19:00Dinner, Valticke podzemi

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