Friday, October 14, 2011
Room ARoom B
9:00-9:15Opening Ceremony
Invited Talk, Chair: Zdeněk Kotásek
9:15-10:15Görschwin Fey
Assessing System Vulnerability using Formal Verification Techniques
10:15-10:30Coffee Break
Theoretical Foundations
Chair: Mojmír Křetínský
Computer System Testing and Repair
Chair: Görschwin Fey
10:30-10:55Robert Ganian, Petr Hliněný and Jan Obdržálek
Clique-width: When Hard Does Not Mean Impossible
Pavel Bartoš, Zdeněk Kotásek and Jan Dohnal
Decreasing Test Time by Scan Chain Reorganization
10:55-11:20Kaspars Balodis, Ilja Kucevalovs and Rusins Freivalds
Frequency prediction of functions
Jiří Balcárek, Petr Fišer and Jan Schmidt
Implicit Techniques for Constrained Test Patterns Generation
Madara Augstkalne, Anda Berina and Rusins Freivalds Frequency computable relations
Martin Chloupek and Ondřej Novák
Test Pattern Compression Based on Pattern Overlapping and Broadcasting
11:45-12:10Stanislav Böhm
Language equivalence of deterministic real-time one-counter automata is NL-complete
Jaroslav Borecký, Pavel Vít and Hana Kubátová.
Self Repair Architectures Based on Partial Dynamic and Static Reconfiguration
Invited Talk, Chair: Lukáš Sekanina
13:30-14:30Peter Bentley
Modelling Complex Systems - Lessons from the Life Sciences
Parallel and Distributed Computing 1
Chair: Luděk Matyska
Data Processing 1
Chair: Luboš Popelínský
14:40-15:05Steven Van Der Vegt and Alfons Laarman.
A Parallel Compact Hash Table
Radovan Fusek, Karel Mozdren and Milan Surkala
Heat Flooding Image Segmentation
15:05-15:30Jiří Matela, Martin Šrom and Petr Holub
Low GPU Occupancy Approach to Fast Arithmetic Coding in JPEG2000
Jakub Zahradník and Miroslav Skrbek
Classification of Spatio-Temporal Data Using Complex-Valued Neural Network
15:30-15:55Petr Pospíchal, Michael O'Neill, Josef Schwarz, Eion Murphy and Jiří Jaroš
Acceleration of Grammatical Evolution Using Graphics Processing Units
Jakub Mažgut, Martina Paulinyová and Peter Tiňo
Using Dimensionality Reduction Method for Binary Data to Questionnaire Analysis
15:55-16:20Coffee Break
Invited Talk, Chair: Jan Bouda
16:20-17:20Renato Renner
Security in a Quantum World
Parallel and Distributed Computing 2
Chair: Eva Hladká
Data Processing 2
Chair: Bohuslav Křena
17:30-17:55Jiří Barnat, Petr Bauch, Luboš Brim and Milan Češka
Computing Strongly Connected Components in Parallel on CUDA
Jaroslav Bayer, Hana Bydžovská, Jan Géryk, Tomáš Obšívač and Luboš Popelínský
Improving the classification of study-related data through social network analysis
17:55-18:20Pavol Korček, Lukáš Sekanina and Otto Fučík
A Scalable Cellular Automata based Microscopic Traffic Simulation
Jozef Janovský
Gerrymandering as Graph Partitioning: A Heuristic Algorithm
18:30-19:15Presentations of the Ceitec, Cerit, and IT4I projects
19:45Dinner, Beer Party