Annual Doctoral Workshop on Mathematical and
Engineering Methods in Computer Science
organized jointly by the Masaryk University
and the Brno University of Technology, Czechia
October 14—16, 2011    My Hotel    Lednice    Czech Republic

List of accepted presentations
  • Petr Pospíchal, Michael O'Neill, Josef Schwarz, Eion Murphy and Jiri Jaros. Acceleration of Grammatical Evolution Using Graphics Processing Units
  • Martin Čermák and Alexander Meduna. n--Accepting Restricted Pushdown Automata Systems
  • Peter Habermehl, Lukas Holik, Adam Rogalewicz, Jiri Simacek and Tomas Vojnar. Forest Automata for Verification of Heap Manipulation
  • Robert Ganian, Petr Hlineny and Jan Obdrzalek. Clique-width: When Hard Does Not Mean Impossible
  • Jiri Barnat, Petr Bauch, Lubos Brim and Milan Ceska. Computing Strongly Connected Components in Parallel on CUDA (presentation)
  • Jiri Kur, Vashek Matyas, Andriy Stetsko and Petr Svenda. Attack detection vs. privacy - How to find the link or how to hide it?
  • Pavol Korcek, Lukas Sekanina and Otto Fucik. A Scalable Cellular Automata based Microscopic Traffic Simulation
  • Zdenek Vasicek and Lukas Sekanina. Evolutionary Optimization of Complex Digital Circuits
  • Jan Samek, Ondrej Malacka, Frantisek Zboril and Frantisek Zboril. Decision Making and Recommendation Protocol Based on Trust for Multi-Agent Systems
  • Lukáš Ďurfina, Jakub Kroustek, Petr Zemek, Dušan Kolář, Tomáš Hruška, Karel Masarik and Alexander Meduna. Design of a Retargetable Decompiler for a Static Platform-Independent Malware Analysis
  • Madara Augstkalne, Anda Berina and Rusins Freivalds. Frequency computable relations
  • Jan Krcal and Jan Kretinsky. Fixed-delay Events in Generalized Semi-Markov Processes Revisited
  • Stanislav Böhm. Language equivalence of deterministic real-time one-counter automata is NL-complete
  • Pavel Bartoš, Zdeněk Kotásek and Jan Dohnal. Decreasing Test Time by Scan Chain Reorganization
  • Petr Hlineny and Ondrej Moriš. Scope-Based Route Planning
  • Pavel Troubil and Hana Rudová. Cycle Avoidance in Integer Programming for Media Streams Planning
  • Kamil Dudka, Petr Peringer and Tomas Vojnar. Predator: A Practical Tool for Checking Manipulation of Dynamic Data Structures Using Separation Logic
  • Jakob Zwirchmayr, Laura Kovacs and Jens Knoop. A deeper Evaluation of WCET Analysis using Symbolic Loop Bounds
  • Jiří Balcárek, Petr Fišer and Jan Schmidt. Implicit Techniques for Constrained Test Patterns Generation
  • Martin Chloupek and Ondřej Novák. Test Pattern Compression Based on Pattern Overlapping and Broadcasting
  • Boyan Yordanov, Jana Tumova, Calin Belta, Ivana Cerna and Jiri Barnat. Formal Analysis of Piecewise Affine Systems through Formula-Guided Refinement (Presentation)

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