Sunday, October 24, 2010
Aurelius Hall
Chair: Tomáš Vojnar
Pálava Hall
9:00-10:00Antti Valmari
Recent results on DFA minimization and other block splitting algorithms
10:00-10:30Coffee Break, Lobby Bar

Chair: Pavel Zemčík

Chair: Antonín Kučera
10:30-10:55Pavel Troubil and Hana Rudová
Integer Programming for Media Streams Planning Problem
Nikola Benes and Jan Kretinsky
Process Algebra for Modal Transition Systemses
11:00-11:25Dalibor Klusacek and Hana Rudová
The Use of Incremental Schedule-based Approach for Efficient Job Scheduling
Jonathan Cederberg
Automated Analysis of Data-Dependent Programs with Dynamic Memory
11:30-11:55Vladislav Martinek and Michal Žemlička
Remarks on Complex Navigation Systems
Antoine Durand-gasselin and Peter Habermehl
On the Use of Non-deterministic Automata for Presburger Arithmetic
11:55-12:20Prizes Announcement, Information on MEMICS 2011, and Closing Ceremony
12:30-14:00Lunch, Bellevue Restaurant
14:00Departure, Bus to Brno