Annual Doctoral Workshop on Mathematical and
Engineering Methods in Computer Science
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October 22—24, 2010    Hotel Galant    Mikulov    Czechia

Selected Papers in OASIcs Style: Author Instructions
This information is relevant for you only if your paper was selected for publication by Schloss Dagstuhl Publishing. In that case, you received a letter from us asking you to provide the paper in the required format.
To prepare your paper, download the style from Schloss Dagstuhl Publishing. You find a sample document in the archive, we strongly advise you to use it as a template to cut-and-paste your original paper into. Please note that the style has several peculiarities: the source document is expected to be in UTF-8 encoding (using 7-bit ASCII and TeX diacritical marks is nevertheless OK) and it is required to be compiled with pdflatex only. In case of any trouble with preparation of your manuscript, contact David Antoš, antos(at)ics(dot)muni(dot)cz, the Selected Proceedings Editor.
The Schloss Dagstuhl Publishing requires the authors to sign a copyright form, allowing them non-exclusive publishing of the paper. The paper will be protected under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 license. The corresponding author is kindly requested to download the copyright form, print it, sign it, scan it into a PDF file and upload it together with the paper.
Final typesetting of your papers (including communication with the publisher) will be done by the Selected Proceedings Editor. The submission must contain:
  • An archive (gzipped tarball, i.e., tgz) containing full sources needed to compile your paper in the OASIcs style. Please include the resulting PDF in the archive for reference (it allows the editor to compare the results of compilation directly).
  • Scan of the signed copyright form in PDF format (please note that we are unable to give the paper to Schloss Dagstuhl Publishing without the form).
The contributions are to be submitted using EasyChair, please follow this link: and submit to the track "MEMICS'10 -- OASIcs". The archive with the sources is "the paper", the scan of the copyright form is "the attachment".
Deadline: January 16, 2011

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