Travel Instructions
To reach Znojmo the best way is to fly to Prague, Wien or Brno (best option, but not many flights).
How to get from Prague to Znojmo?
The best way to get from Prague to Znojmo is by bus. There are many useful busses, that departure from Praha (Prague), Florenc. The travel time is appx. three hours. The other choice is to take a train, that departs from Praha (Prague), Hlavni nadrazi (Main station). You can search suitable times at
How to get from Wien to Znojmo?
It is possible to take train from Wien-Sudbahnhof or alternatively to depart from Wien-Nord. The trip takes approximately one and half hour. Search e.g. at There is only one bus connection Wien-Znojmo. The bus departs at 7:00 from Rathausplatz, Wien.
How to get from Brno to Znojmo?
It is possible to fly directly to Brno from London Stansted with Ryan Air. Czech Airlines operates flights from Prague to Brno (schedule).
There will be a conference bus going from Brno (departing from FI MU and FIT VUT, optionally also from the main bus station) directly to the hotel on the first day and back on the last day of the workshop. There is also good bus and train connection taking appx. one hour, see
How to get from the bus (train) station in Znojmo to the Prestige hotel?
Bus and train station are almost at the same place (50 meters). Prestige Hotel is situated in the north of the town, near the exit to Prague. We recommend to take a local taxi, which costs (at this distance) approximately 100,- Kc (3-4 euro). Alternatively, you can take a walk (appx. 40 min.) or use the local mass transit, however, buses are quite infrequent during weekends. See the map of Znojmo (interactive map on
Regarding mass transport we recommend:
The time-table of the Znojmo mass transport company is available at The starting stop is 'nádraží ČD - MAD', the final stop is 'Pražská Motorest' or 'Přímětická Resslova'.