Saturday, Novemeber 14, 2009
Green Lounge
9:00-10:00Rūsiņš Freivalds (Invited Talk, chair: Josef Gruska)
Randomization and Other Ways to Overcome Determinism in Algorithms
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
Green LoungeAttic Classroom
Theoretical Computer Science
Chair: Peter Rossmanith
Computer Security and Quantum Computing
Chair: Jan Bouda
10:30-10:55Monika Steinova
Approximability of the Minimum Steiner Cycle Problem
Alina Vasilieva
Exact Quantum Query Algorithm for Error Detection Code Verification
10:55-11:20Robert Ganian
The Parameterized Complexity of Oriented Colouring
Marian Novotny
A Privacy-Aware Protocol for Sociometric Questionnaires
11:20-11:45Karsten Behrmann
Quickly finding trees with maximum leaves
Andriy Stetsko and Vashek Matyas
One Size Does Not Fit All -- How to Approach Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
11:45-12:05Tomáš Gavenčiak
Cop-Win Graphs and Capture-Time
Ivan Fialík
Cryptographic Applications of Pseudo-Telepathy Games
Green LoungeAttic Classroom
13:30-14:30Peter Habermehl (Invited Talk, chair: Tomáš Vojnar)
Angluin-style learning of non-deterministic finite-state automata
Formal Verification 4
Chair: Mikolaj Bojanczyk
Computer Systems 3
Chair: Zdeněk Kotásek
14:40-15:05Andreas Gaiser and Stefan Schwoon
On On-the-fly Algorithms for Checking Emptiness of Buechi Automata
Jiri Matela
GPU-Based DWT Acceleration for JPEG2000
15:05-15:30Marius Bozga, Peter Habermehl, Radu Iosif, Filip Konecny and Tomas Vojnar
Automatic Verification of Integer Array Programs
Jiří Balcárek, Petr Fišer and Jan Schmidt
On Properties of SAT Instances Produced by SAT-Based ATPGs
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
Green LoungeAttic Classroom
Formal Verification 5
Chair: Mojmír Křetínský
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
Chair: Zdeněk Říha
16:00-16:25Stefan Göller, Richard Mayr and Anthony Widjaja To
On the Computational Complexity of Verifying One-Counter Processes
Marek Olšák, Jiří Filipovič and Martin Prokop
FastGrid -- The Accelerated AutoGrid Potential Maps Generation for Molecular Docking
16:25-16:50Alexander Wenner
Weighted Dynamic Pushdown Networks
Petr Slovak, Pavel Troubil and Petr Holub
GColl: A Flexible Videoconferencing Environment for Group-to-Group Interaction
16:50-17:15Mikael H. Müller, Morten Jacobsen and Lasse Jacobsen
Undecidability of Coverability and Boundedness for Timed-Arc Petri Nets with Invariants
Milos Liska
On Media Streams Planning Problem in CoUniverse
Formal Verification 6
Chair: Tomáš Brázdil
Computer Systems 4
Chair: Petr Hanáček
17:15-17:40Ahmed Bouajjani, Cezara Dragoi, Yan Jurski and Mihaela Sighireanu
Rewriting Systems over Nested Words with Data
Petr Mikusek and Vaclav Dvorak
Heuristic Synthesis of MTBDDs Based on Local Width Minimization
17:40-18:05Alarico Campetelli, Alexander Gruler, Martin Leucker and Daniel Thoma
Don't know for Multi-Valued Systems
Zdenek Buk, Jan Koutnik and Miroslav Snorek
NEAT Substituted with Genetic Programming
19:00Dinner, Minorite Monastery