MEMICS in Brief
The aim
MEMICS provides a forum for doctoral students interested in applications of mathematical and engineering methods in computer science with a special focus on the various aspects of parallel and distributed systems. Besides technical programme (regular papers and presentations) it offers also plentiful social activities and exciting opportunities for relating to like-minded people.
Submissions are invited especially in the following but not exclusive areas: parallel and distributed computing, GRID computing, computer networks and advanced applications, models and techniques for formal verification, security; also simulation, testing and diagnostics, theory of formal languages, quantum computing, modern hardware concepts. Invited talks on given topics will be given by experienced lectors and researchers.
Registered students are invited to submit a paper not exceeding 8 pages. Detailed instructions are available at the submission page. Students may also present recent outstanding work, if it has been (or will be) presented at a leading computer science conference. Presentations to be included in the programme will be selected on the basis of a one-page abstract, which interested students are invited to submit. In any case, don't miss the deadlines!
The proceedings will be available at the workshop in printed form (consult instructions for authors).
Selected best papers will be considered for journal publication
(with a full journal review process).